A Workshop in Spinal Manipulation

Skill, Art, Science

This course will review and revise basic and advanced spinal manipulation techniques based on the requirements of the participants.

The course will consist of two components an online portion where the theory will be described and explained, together with technique video and a 2-day lab where participants will be able to review and practice the techniques with which they are most having problems. In addition the instructor whatever newly developed techniques have come to the instructor’s awareness and alternative techniques will be practiced.

This course is for therapists who have already taken spinal manipulation courses from either the Orthopedic Division, Jim Meadows, Swodeam Institute or any IFOMT member Fellowship training program.

Topical Outline
  • Review theory
  • Review all regional techniques based on instructor’s and participant’s experience
  • Review and revise techniques based on participants requests
  • Extensive practice
  • Design of techniques as required by patient complexities

Course Descriptions

Curriculum Courses

Series 1 – Spinal Manipulation
Series 2 A – Peripheral Manipulation
Serices 2 B – Advanced Clinical Reasoning
Series 3 – Advanced Technique & Clinical Reasoning Mastery

Non-Core Courses

A Workshop in Spinal Manipulation
Headache and Dizziness: Assessment and Treatment
The MVA Patient
Biomedical Dry Needling
The Whiplash Patient
The Chronic MVA Patient