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Swodeam Institute’s courses combine distributed materials and classroom learning, all connected by Zoom interactive sessions to bring you the best learning experience manageable.

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Curriculum Flow Chart

Online/Classroom Hybrid Learning

Swodeam Institute’s course combine distributed materials and classroom learning all connected by Zoom interactive sessions to bring you the best learning experience manageable.

Distributed Materials

All of the following distributed materials and recordings of the zoom sessions are yours to keep as part of the course materials.

Instructional videos on topics such distributed each week :

  • Critical reasoning in diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Advance critical reasoning in complex diagnosis and etiology search
  • Various clinical topics
  • Biomechanics and applied anatomy
  • Technique selection and application
  • Problem-solving when things don’t go as planned
  • And more…

Course manuals will be distributed electronically on registration.

A USB distributed on the first classroom session that contains about 2GB of information on:

  • Course manuals
  • Anatomy and pathology
  • Assessment and treatment technique videos
  • Narrated PowerPoint Presentations on clinical topics

Classroom Sessions

Each classroom course consists of lectures, tutorials, demonstration and lots and lots of practice.

Zoom Sessions

These are hourly interactive sessions built around the distributed videos and other clinical topics and is also Q and A time. Jim will also respond to questions sent to him via email.

Course Descriptions

Curriculum Courses

Series 1 – Spinal Manipulation
Series 2 A – Peripheral Manipulation
Serices 2 B – Advanced Clinical Reasoning
Series 3 – Advanced Technique & Clinical Reasoning Mastery

Non-Core Courses

A Workshop in Spinal Manipulation
Headache and Dizziness: Assessment and Treatment
The MVA Patient
Biomedical Dry Needling
The Whiplash Patient
The Chronic MVA Patient