Series 2A – Peripheral Manipulation

Skill, Art, Science

This course and examinations is an integral part of the Series 2 and Series 3 courses leading to advanced certification (ACMT)and a diploma in manual therapy (Dip.MT) 

  • One weekend, totaling 20 hours of learning, tutorials, case discussions and practical instruction and supervised practice that will consist of: 
    • clinical reasoning in diagnosis and technique selection and differential diagnosis of conditions that mimic biomechanical dysfunctions and may prove a threat to the patient’s well-being and health such as DVT, claudication etc.  
    • in depth safety examinations of all regions including the identification of the existence potential bone and collagen fragility. 
    • continuous practice of demonstrated manipulative techniques using a unique method of practice developed by Jim that ensures minimal down time for the students (no standing around chatting waiting. This method also ensures that each region will be revisited multiple times during the course  
  • Manipulation of the upper limb, including the glenohumeral, acromioclavicular, ulnohumeral, radiohumeral, superior and inferior radio-ulnar, wrist and hand joints 
  • Manipulation of the lower limb including, the hip, knee, superior and inferior tibiofibular, ankle, subtalar, talonavicular and intertarsal joints 
  • 6 zoom sessions containing instruction and discussion of anatomy, pathology, biomechanics, and manual therapy, recorded for those who cannot attend live 
  • Approximately 16 on demand instructional videos which will form a basis for the zoom sessions discussions 
  • A USB with about 1.5GB of information in the form of PowerPoint presentations, assessment, and technique videos  
  • Included in the cost are all course materials 
  • An email address that you can send questions and comments to and expect an immediate response from Jim